Friday, October 12, 2012

Criminal Profiler

OVERVIEW : Criminal profiling is an application of psychological theories in criminology. It is an essential task applied in the crime solving process. Criminal profilers work with special investigation professionals, police officers, detectives and FBI agents.

JOB DESCRIPTION : Criminal profiling can be considered as an important aspect in the investigation process. In the crime scene analysis, they collect the evidences left by the culprits. Finger prints, blood stains, weapons etc are analyzed to make a personal profile of the suspected.Criminal profilers conduct an extensive research with the help of psychological theories and collected evidences.

JOB PROSPECTS : Job prospects are expected to be good for the candidates; those have a strong academic background in psychology and criminal justice programs.Since criminal profiling is turning to be an important skill set, applicants can even find employment as an independent consultant or at educational institutions.

DEGREES OFFERED : There are no specific educational requirements specified for this profession. Even though, a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and psychology serves as the basic qualification. Master degree in forensic psychology or behavioral science can give you an edge over the competition.

EXPECTED JOB GROWTH : The employment opportunities of police and detective are expected to increase by seven percent and that of private detectives and investigators by 21 percent during 2010-20.

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